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Dashboards using Postrges and AWS Cloud

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In this project, I build an Amazon Metabase dashboard by construction the the Northwind Database inside Postgres. The data is about “Northwind Traders”, a fictional company. The database contains all sales transactions between the company and its customers as well as purchases from Northwinds suppliers.

PostGres is an entirely separate piece of software outside of Python (in fact, it is largely written in the C programming language), this is not something that we can simply “pip install”. Instead, download and instal PostGres separately. I will use the library SQLAlchemy to talk to a PostGres database from Python.

Relational databases organize data into tables, which look a lot like spreadsheets. Each row in a table is a record, an individual data item. The columns are the fields or attributes belonging to each item. Each table has a primary key, most often a single column, that allows you to uniquely identify each row in the table.

RDS stands for Relational Database Services. It is an Amazon service that hosts SQL databases in the cloud. I will set upload your database to an RDS server. Metabase is my dashboarding tool of choice, as it’s completely free and open-source, relatively easy to use and install, has a very active online community, and integrates well with Docker, AWS, and Heroku. The Steps of this project are:


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