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R Projects: Transform wearable computing data

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The purpose of this project is to to collect, work with, and clean a data set. The goal is to prepare tidy data that can be used for later analysis. Theproject involves the main steps : 1) create a tidy data set, 2) link to a Github repository with the script for performing the analysis, and 3) a code book that describes the variables, the data, and any transformations called CodeBook.md

Using devices such as Jawbone Up, Nike FuelBand, and Fitbit it is now possible to collect a large amount of data about personal activity which allows to quantify how much of a particular activity has been done. However, the quality or way of how well a particular activity was performed is rarely evaluated. In this project, I use data from accelerometer sensors mounted on the belt, forearm, arm, and dumbbell of 6 participants who were performing barbell lifts correctly and incorrectly in 5 different ways.

Download the fitbit dataset

The main steps for the the project:


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